Thursday, November 21, 2013

German Support Weapons and Specialists

Rounding out my collection of Late War Germans, I've converted and painted a few specialist miniatures.  These, as I alluded to in my last post, should have been completed for the Analogous Hobbies painting challenge.  They never quite made it to the front line unfortunately, and their completion is almost twelve months behind schedule.  Where does the time go?

Firstly, some nicely sculpted snipers from Great War Miniatures.  I mounted the prone figures on large round bases.  Leaving off the bases would have increase their versatility on the tabletop, but I liked the more "finished" look.  The addition of a nicely detailed base is a little like putting a picture in a matted frame.  It just looks better.

Next a couple of trench mortars.  These are a mix of figures from Old Glory and Brigade Games.  The Old Glory figures are shown serving the mortar.  I took a second wheeled mortar from Old Glory and combined it with a team from Brigade Games that was initially designed to drag a Maxim.  I filed down the rings on the ends of the straps that were sculpted on the figures, and then attached strips of thin plasticard.  I quite like the effect, although I'm not sure how they will "game" on the table.

I did further conversions on a group of Old Glory figures designed to be part of a mortar team.  These are shown here hauling forward a Brigade Games Maxim on each corner of its forward legs and sled.  One of the Brigade Games' officers is wearing a rare helmet cover

The stationary Maxim below comes with its original Brigade Games crew.  .

The granatenwerfer team are from the same specialist Great War Miniatures pack.


  1. They sure do look very nice! I'll see you in the challenge and good luck!


  2. Superb work on these guys! On some of them I'm currently working myself and I definitely understand why you preferr to base your figures on a big base. Well appreciated inspiration for my own Great War project.

  3. Great work. The detail on the helmets is especially impressive.

  4. What a fantastic collection of Boche!
    I love the crisp detailing you've done, including the distinctive helmet camo
    Great job mate!

  5. Lovely stuff. I especially enjoy the vignettes of the men maneuvering their weapons. Excellent,


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