Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Holiday Painting

Family, work, and a few other minor distractions have really slowed down my painting and gaming over the past twelve months. There's nothing like a vacation in a sleepy town to rekindle interest in the hobby. My family indulges me by allotting an entire small suitcase to my hobby. This year as I packed my painting bag, I threw in every color I could fit as well as a host of lead stragglers from half completed projects. As well as my ongoing interest in the Great War, I've been working on miniatures for a Second World War game - primarily featuring late-War US Airborne, British paras, German Fallschirmjager and SS. Last summer I worked on the US paratroops. They were relatively easy to paint up. However the FJ and SS with their intricate camouflage proved more of a challenge. Just yesterday I test-painted a British para, and I was amazed at how quickly I did it, and how pleasing the result was. It helps to be working with Bolt Action's superb sculpts. I've also been trying Citadel washes, and think I may have hit on a new era in my painting. In the days ahead I'll report on methods and results, but here are a few images in the meantime.