Thursday, July 23, 2015

2015 Holiday Painting

Family, work, and a few other minor distractions have really slowed down my painting and gaming over the past twelve months. There's nothing like a vacation in a sleepy town to rekindle interest in the hobby. My family indulges me by allotting an entire small suitcase to my hobby. This year as I packed my painting bag, I threw in every color I could fit as well as a host of lead stragglers from half completed projects. As well as my ongoing interest in the Great War, I've been working on miniatures for a Second World War game - primarily featuring late-War US Airborne, British paras, German Fallschirmjager and SS. Last summer I worked on the US paratroops. They were relatively easy to paint up. However the FJ and SS with their intricate camouflage proved more of a challenge. Just yesterday I test-painted a British para, and I was amazed at how quickly I did it, and how pleasing the result was. It helps to be working with Bolt Action's superb sculpts. I've also been trying Citadel washes, and think I may have hit on a new era in my painting. In the days ahead I'll report on methods and results, but here are a few images in the meantime.

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  1. Hi Keven,I`m glad to be the first to comment on this topic.There are those who take along books to read when on hol`s,and then there are those who like yourself fetch along paint pots and brushes,all toggled up in whatever. So I`m glad at least you did. Great Looking Stuff,a real pleasure to view. Sometimes one can get bogged down in being correct when painting uniforms and such.I often say to others,"You paint model soldiers. Whereas I paint toy soldiers." ____________By the way thanks for your visit to my little blog. BB


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